Following years of intensive research for a high-grade marble quarry since 2014, SAYIN A.S is proud to introduce its Mabella Marble brand in early 2018. Our quarry is operated with experienced site personnel and the latest machinery. We provide blocks, finished products, and cut-to-size orders. Our Mabella brand aspires to become a leading example of high quality natural stone production and customer service in the global market.

With an extensive history and business operations in a variety of fields, SAYIN A.S.’s core business activity is to offer construction services in the contracting and industrial sectors. Since its establishment in 1977, we have stayed committed to our mission and vision by continuously innovating and investing in the latest technologies. As a result, we are now recognized as a pioneer in our sector.

With over 40 years of industry experience and a specialized workforce, SAYIN A.S. has successfully led projects in areas including:

  • Manufacture, transport and installation of all precast systems with and without prestress.
  • Manufacture, transport and installation of bridge girders
  • Manufacture, transport and installation of all types of wall elements and wall panels
  • Manufacture, transport and installation of floorings with and without prestress
  • Manufacture, transport and installation of precast box culverts all sizes between 100cm x 100cm - 300cm x 300cm
  • Ready-mixed concrete production for special projects
  • Manufacture, transport and on-site application of all types and sizes of concrete border elements
  • Manufacture, transport and on-site application of all types and thickness of concrete paving stone
  • Manufacture, transport and on-site application of concrete and reinforced concrete pipes with integrated gasket in all diameters between Q200-Q3200 mm
  • Manufacture, transport and on-site application of all kinds of manholes with integrated gasket and parcel manholes with integrated gasket
  • Production of concrete aggregates and asphalt aggregates in quarries and crusher plants
  • Roads, bridges, sewerage, and drainage constructions
  • Complete infrastructure and superstructure works
  • Contracting services in government construction contracts
  • Building and sales of housing and residences


SAYIN A.S. is founded on the belief that economic growth should be achieved only by treating the environment and society in a responsible manner. We thus operate within the framework of sustainable production principles and legal regulations as well as with respect to the environment and to social values. SAYIN A.S. has always strived for the highest quality of service throughout the customer experience. In addition to holding a long-term membership in both the Construction Products Producers Association (YÜF) and the Turkish Precast Concrete Association, we have met the quality standards set by government institutions such as Iller Bankasi and the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works. SAYIN A.S. facilities have all the necessary environmental permits and licenses, and we conduct regular measurements and analyses to monitor regulatory compliance via a team of experts at working at our inspection unit.

40 years into its business journey, SAYIN A.S. is proud to be:
  • Ranked in the top three nationwide in terms of production capacity among Turkish Precast Concrete Association member companies
  • One of the first ready mixed concrete producers in its region
  • A recognized leader in the construction sector by successfully completing many prestigious substructure, superstructure and contracting projects

SAYIN A.S. is committed its company values and will continue to strive to bring to life the construction projects designed by its teams of experts.